GMW CPCO and CPC Clip-on Current Transducers

The GMW DC-AC Clamp-on (CPCO) and Clip (CPC) Current Probes enable electrically isolated monitoring of high electric currents without disconnection of the primary current conductor. The CPCO and CPC current probes have no magnetic core enabling very light weight, no magnetic hysteresis and no damage from unlimited over current. Recovery from overcurrent to linear output operation is within a few microseconds. Magnetic cross-talk from an external current return conductor touching the outer surface of the probes is less than +/-1%. Amplitude accuracy is better than +/-1% at dc and the phase shift at 60Hz is less than 0.1degree enabling the CPC to be used for modest accuracy electric power conversion measurements. The current probes are moisture resistant and have operating temperature range of -40C to +100C making them useful as a Current Probe for in-vehicle current monitoring.

CPCO Clamp-on Current Probe

CPCO installed around cable bundle.

The GMW CPCO Clamp-On Current Probe with a large 77mm aperture, full-scale current ranges of +/-500A to +/-12kA, and dc to 40kHz frequency response has been well accepted for making isolated measurements of electric current where cable disconnection is difficult or prohibited. The clamp-on installation, slim cross-section, light-weight, low power consumption, and low price have made the CPCO attractive for temporary diagnostic as well as permanent current measurements.

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CPC Clip-on Current Probe

CPC Clip-on Current Probe, 27mm aperture

For some test stand or in-vehicle applications requiring a smaller aperture, GMW is introducing smaller aperture CPC Clip-On Current Clip Probes. The 14 mm aperture version has current ranges of +/-250A to +/-2kA and the 27mm aperture version has current ranges of +/-500A to +/-4kA. Both versions have a 0 +/-2V full-scale signal output and dc to 40kHz frequency response. A single power rail of 3V to 5V with <30mA consumption enables long-term measurements utilizing portable data loggers.

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