Three Component Magnetic Field Measurement Probes with USB Digital output available from GMW

GMW offer a unique range of Magnetic Field Measurement Probes with USB digital output for direct connection to the USB port of PDA, Tablet or Laptop devices for the measurement or mapping of the Bx, By, Bz components and calculation of the total field, B. All digitization and correction is within the Probe. Power is derived from the USB Host.

For low fields to +/-100uT (+/-1G) and dc to 1kHz (-3dB) frequency response, the Metrolab 1186 utilizes a Bartington Fluxgate Sensor to provide 4nT field resolution with better than 0.5 degree angular alignment. The 1186 is appropriate for site surveys of magnetically sensitive equipment and for checking field amplitude and angle of test equipment for magnetic compasses and sensors.

For measuring magnetic fringe fields from magnets, motors, transformers and inductors the Metrolab 1176LF has a +/-8mT (80G) field range, 2uT (20mG) resolution and better than 0.2 degree angular alignment with dc to 1kHz frequency response.

For very high accuracy magnet qualification or magnet field mapping, the Metrolab 1176MF has selectable field ranges of +/-0.1T (+/-1kG), +/-0.5T, +/-1T and +/-3T with a field resolution of 0.1mT. The active volume of the integrated Three Component Field Sensor is 0.15×0.15×0.01mm enabling very high position and angle resolution. The Metrolab 1176HF is similar but with +/-0.1T, +/-0.5T, +/-3T and +/-20T ranges.

The Senis 3MTS Probe has selectable field ranges of +/-0.1T (+/-1kG), +/-0.5T, +/-3T and +/-20T with 12-bit resolution and dc to 500Hz frequency response. The field sensor active volume is 0.15×0.15×0.01mm located 0.5mm from the tip of the very small, 0.9mm thick by 4mm wide, Probe enabling high position and angle resolution field measurement very near a surface or in a thin slot. Two versions are available: the 3MTS-1 is a Hand-held, 100mm long, carbon-fiber Probe for field surveys; the 3MTS-2 has a 0.9mm thick, 4mm wide, 8mm long field Sensor with a Cable length of 1, 2 or 5m and is suitable for field mapping or magnet control.