Webinar: Long Term Magnetic Field Monitoring for Space Weather Monitoring and GIC Forecasting

We invite you to join us for a webinar on Tuesday, January 12 at 1pm PST/4pm EST. GMW Associates and Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI) will discuss:

  • Induction due to space weather and impact on man made installations
  • Details on fluxgate magnetometer benefits for monitoring of the Earth’s field variations
  • Hardware integration: Data transfer and processing
  • Use of data for GIC monitoring/prediction: Application to power networks and link to upcoming regulations
  • Use of magnetic data for magnetic storm monitoring and application to the oil & gas directional drilling industry
  • What’s next: Integration of electric current information to the data stream


Ludovic Letourneur, PhD, Senior Applications Engineer, GMW Associates

Jenn Gannon, PhD, GMD Lead, Computational Physics, Inc.

Mike Henderson, Owner and Principal Engineer, GIC Magnetics