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Magnetic Field Measurement Equipment Calibration 

 Model / Part No.  Description
 Mag-01 and Mag01H Fluxgate Magnetometer

Mag-01H and one Probe Calibration at National Physical Lab-UK

  MAG-01-Probe-CAL Mag-01 Probes B - G Calibration and Certificate $650 

 Mag-03 and Spectramag-6 Fluxgate Sensor
  MAG-03-SE-CAL Mag-03 Sensor Calibration Check and Certificate $650 
  MAG-03DAM-CAL Mag-03DAM Calibration Check and Certificate $840 
  MAG-03SCU-CAL Mag-03SCU Calibration Check and Certificate $1030 
  MAG-03PSU-CT Mag-03PSU Compliance Test $490 
  MAG-03PSU-CAL Mag-03PSU Calibration Check and Certificate $490 
  SPECT-6AC-CAL Spect-6 accelerometer Calibration Check $810 
  SPECT-6AS-CAL Spect-6 acoustic sensor Calibration Check $840 
  SPECT-6-CAL Spect-6 Calibration Check and Certificate $1040 

THM1176, TFM1186, THM7025 and ETM-1 USB/Hand Held Teslameter (Gaussmeter)
  THM7025-CAL Calibration of THM7025 or ETM-1. $630 
  TFM1186-CAL Calibration of TFM1186 $1500 
  THM1176-LF-CAL Calibration of THM1176-LF. $660 
  THM1176-MF-IN-CAL Calibration of THM1176-MF within calibration period.1 $660 
  THM1176-MF-OUT-CAL Calibration of THM1176-MF outside calibration period.1 $1320 
  THM1176-HF-CAL Calibration of THM1176-HF to ±14T in 20T Range.2 upon request 

1  Must be received by GMW San Carlos before February 15, May 15, August 15 or November 15 to qualify for discounted batch calibration pricing. Contact GMW for specifics on delivery times.

2 HF probes with S/N 0000654 or lower have the option of ±3T or ±14T calibration. Contact for details.

 PT 2020 and PT 2025 Digital NMR Teslameter (Gaussmeter)
  2020-CAL Recalibration of PT 2020 Teslameter $700 
  2025-CAL Recalibration of PT 2025 Teslameter $700 
  2025-REP Minor repair of PT 2020 or PT 2025 Teslameter, flat rate $600 
  PRB-REP-ML Minor repair of NMR probe, flat rate $500 

 MFC 3045 and MFC 3048 Magnetic Field Camera
  3045-CAL  MFC 3045 Calibration $870 
  MFC-CAL-1.5T MFC 3048 Probe Array Normalization, field 1.5T $4120 
  MFC-CAL-3.0T MFC 3048 Probe Array Normalization, field 3.0T $4120 
  MFC-CAL-Other MFC 3048 Probe Array Normalization, field other than 1.5T or 3.0T $5770 

 PDI 5025 Digital Integrator
  5025-CAL PDI 5025 Calibration $1600 

 DTM, MPT Digital Teslameter (Gaussmeter)


Calibrate DTM-150/151/132 with MPT-141/231/132/230 Probe Head System

  DTM-CAL Calibrate DTM-150/151/132 Teslameter Only $840 
  MPT-CAL Calibrate MPT-141/231/132/230 Probe Head Only $1090 

 RMA Authorization

 Terms and Conditions:
Prices above are for domestic deliveries to Canada, USA and Mexico only.
Prices are expressed in U.S. Dollars, FCA San Carlos, California.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
OEM discounts are available.

Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Prepayment before shipment, or Net 30 days (subject to credit acceptance).
Delivery: 30 to 120 business days after receipt.

GMW is ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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