Fluxgate Sensors in Security Systems

Civilian security requirements have gone up in recent years with increasingly, the need for protection of venues from Federal buildings to sports or music hall.

One of the main requirements here is to prevent excessive queues to enter the venues but still…

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Small Magnets Reveal Big Secrets

An international research team led by Igor Barsukov – a physicist at the University of California, Riverside, has identified a microscopic process of electron spin dynamics in nanoparticles that could impact the design of applications in medicine, quantum computation, and spintronics….

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US Air Force Uses Bartington HC1 Helmholtz Coil for Their Research

Air Force Research Laboratory researchers Drs. Robert Bedford, Luke Bissell, Chandriker Dass and Michael Slocum are finding practical applications for the curious phenomena that occur in quantum materials. Until the late 1990s, the properties or even the existence of such materials seemed little more…

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Fiscal Year End Orders for GMW – Current Measurement

About this time of year, GMW starts to get enquiries from customers about products being delivered and invoiced before the end of the September 30 fiscal year. GMW offers a variety of DC/AC Current Probes and Current Transducers – items in…

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5207 with Celadon Probe Card

GMW Associates 5207 Celadon Non-Ferrous VersaCore System

GMW Associates and Celadon Systems have partnered to develop an integrated electro-magnet and probe card solution. The 5207 magnet interfaces with the Celadon Non-ferrous VersaCore™. Using this configuration device testing of a single DUT with magnetic fields of up to 1.0…

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Virtual ITEC 2020 Expo

As the Intentional Transport Electrification Conference (ITEC) has switched to a remote experience, GMW has decided to go virtual! We invite you to view our Virtual Exhibition at your convenience.

Our experts in Electric Current Measurement and Magnetic Field Mapping Ian Walker, Senior…

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Launching Metrolab’s new software for Hall probes, EZMag3D

Our partners at Metrolab Technology have been working hard on all-new software for the Metrolab Three-axis Magnetometers. It is now available to all existing users. Download for free here .

EZMag3D’s modern user interface streamlines operations with four different modes: “Meter”, “Spectrum”,…

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Danisense DC/AC High Precision Current Transducers

Danisense DC/AC High Precision Current Transducers are based on a flux-gate zero flux detector with closed-loop operation to provide a signal output current accurately defined by the number of turns in the compensation winding. They provide higher accuracy for Power Analyzer…

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PEM CWT Ultra Mini AC Current Probe

The CWT Ultra mini range features the smallest Rogowski coil on the market.  Maximum coil cross section of 1.7mm, small enough to fit through the legs of a TO-220 semiconductor device.

Wide bandwidth, 30MHz (-3dB) and excellent high frequency performance over a wide temperature…

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PEM LFR Dual-Range AC Current Probes

PEM LFR Current Probe is ideal for power quality applications. It has a small, predictable phase error, for power measurements at 45/65Hz. Wide bandwidth allows accurate measurement up to and above the 400th harmonic. A dual range, clip-around, battery powered Rogowski probe…

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Senis 3MTS USB Teslameter

Senis 3MTS Three-Axis Digital Teslameter s an easy-to-use handheld Teslameter/Gaussmeter which measures all 3 magnetic field components simultaneously within a very small volume. It comes in two versions: mounted in a thin but robust carbon-fiber holder attached to the…

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GMW DC/AC Clip-on & Clamp-on Current Probes

GMW Clip-on & Clamp-on Current Probes enable electrically isolated monitoring of high electric currents without disconnection of the primary current conductorCurrent Range  from 250A to 16kA and apertures from 27mm to 160mm.

In stock and available…

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PEM CWT Mini50HF AC Current Probe

The CWT Mini50HF is an extension of the CWT MiniHF range. The CWT Mini50HF is optimized for faster switching devices such as SiC and has a high frequency (-3dB) bandwidth of 50MHz with a 100mm coil at just 3.5mm thickness (2kV peak insulation). As…

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Metrolab THM1176 – the world’s most compact Magnetometer

Its 3-axis capability, compact form, small active volume and simple programmability make the THM1176 the ideal magnetometer for field mapping. It is particularly useful in determining the 5 Gauss line during MRI installation and in systematically mapping an entire volume with…

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Release of Cryomag Three-axis fluxgate magnetometer

Bartington is in the process of releasing a new three-axis cryogenic compatible sensor which has been tested in collaboration with CERN, the University of Uppsala and IPN Orsay during the development phase. The new Cryomag offers noise performance <20pTrms @1Hz, has…

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End of Fiscal Year Inventory

About this time of year, GMW starts to get enquiries from customers about products being delivered and invoiced before the end of the September 30 fiscal year. GMW products in stock are listed on the appropriate product price page by highlighting…

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New Product Announcement

New from Bergoz Instrumentation is the CWCT and BCM-CW for measurement of the average current of CW or macropulse beams up to 500MHz RF with resolution <1uA and dc to 100kHz output bandwidth independent of bunch shape/width. The CWCT is ideally…

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New developments in GMW dipole electromagnets

GMW is continuing to update its electromagnet product offering and is pleased to announce the new 5405. This magnet is a direct fit, form and function upgrade for the earlier 5403 system with identical poles, mounting holes and weight. The 5405…

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New Magnets from GMW: High Frequency and High Field

GMW is introducing some new electromagnets for research and development applications. From HTS-110, we are now offering a 2T Vertical Projected Field Electromagnet, made from High Tc superconducting wire. This adds to the existing line of the GMW Projected Field Copper…

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Senis Field Mapper Video

The High-end All-in-One Magnetic Field Scanning System SENIS MMS-1A-RS enables a user to quickly map the magnetic field around an permanent magnet or electromagnet with highest resolution and accuracy.

Watch Video Directly

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Senis Newsletter

Overview of ManaChip Semiconductor and Senis sign patent Licence agreement. Senis at IEEE 29th International Conference on Microelectronics(MIEL 2014) and other conferences

Download the Newsletter

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GMW ISO 9001:2008 Certification

GMW Associates is proud to announce achievement of ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Certification was conducted by Perry Johnson Registrars, whose accreditations include UNAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).

ISO 9001:2008 Certification is an internationally…

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Asahi Magnetic Sensors

Asahi have a new summary of their magnetic sensor product range covering Hall elements, Hall Switch IC, Hall Linear IC, Hall Two Axis IC, Hall Arrays and Semiconductor Magneto Resistive Sensors. Applications include non-contact sensing of proximity, linear position, angle position,…

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Asahi EM-3242 Magnetic Angle Sensor

The Asahi EM-3242 is a very small, 6 pin, SOIC IC which enables non-contact, low wear, full 360°, angle sensing utilizing a simple two pole magnet. Operation is from a nominal 3V source with a ratio metric, analog output of…

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Bergoz beats the competition

Bergoz Instrumentation announced today the award by CERN for 300 units of their sensitive Fast Current Transformer (FCT). These high performance FCTs are to be installed in critical locations on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) accelerator as beam diagnostic monitors.

The specifications…

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Danfysik announces 400A DC Current Transducer

GMW Associates is now offering a new addition to the Danfysik ULTRASTAB Current Transducer product range for ohmically isolated, precision measurement of electric current.

Operating on the principle of maintaining zero magnetic flux in a toroidal core, the 867-400 has…

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