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Power electronics is the application of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. Applications of power electronics range in size from a switched mode power supply in an AC adapter, battery chargers, audio amplifiers, through variable frequency drives and DC motor drives used to operate pumps, fans, and manufacturing machinery, up to gigawatt-scale high voltage direct current power transmission systems used to interconnect electrical grids. Power electronic systems are found in virtually every electronic device.


AKM Linear Hall Magnetic Field and Current Sensors with very low noise, wide dynamic range for custom geometry and rating open-loop current sensors. PCB mounting integrated Current Sensors with low noise and frequency response up to 1MHz (-3dB) for peak currents from 20A to 135A.

Danisense Current Transducers

Danisense high resolution, high stability, Fluxgate based, Current Transducers with frequency response from dc to over 500kHz (-3dB) are used for Battery, Motor Drive and DC/AC, AC/DC Convertor Test or precision DC/AC Current Sources.

The CPCO Clamp-on and CPC Clip-on are Large aperture Current Probes with +/-1% accuracy, dc to 50kHz (-3dB) frequency response and peak current ranges from 500A to 16kA enable current monitoring without disturbing installed cables or busbars. Small, light, Clip-On DC/AC Current Probes with full-scale ranges of 250A to 2kA and dc to 75kHz (-3dB) response are particularly suitable for logging currents in electric systems or vehicles under test.

PEM Rogowski Coils and matched Integrator AC Current Probes with flexible, clip-around Coils with frequency response to 50MHz and standard current ranges to 600kA peak. A wide range of Probe geometries and configurations enable measurements of device switching current, 50/60Hz ac line current, ac current “noise” on nominally high current dc conductors, and common-mode current on variable speed motor drive cables.

Passive Current Transformers (CT) with peak pulse current ranges to 20kA and frequency response to 500MHz (-3dB) can be used for ac and pulse current measurements.