Security & Defense

EMP Threat Assessment

Recently Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) threat assessment has been upgraded with recent executive orders from White House on EMP resilience:

For Commercial and Military Aircraft safety, extensive Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) testing is carried out. Sentinel3 Multichannel Analog Signal Fiber Optic Link with adjustable input signal gain, temperature compensation and frequency response up to 3GHz enables accurate time domain and frequency domain measurements.  Single and 8-channel Shielded Transmitters and multichannel Receivers provide for up to 288 channels to be monitored from a single chassis. Applications include low level swept current and frequency for aircraft and MIL-STD-188-125 testing.

point2point (p2p) Single Analog Signal Channel Fiber Optic Links come in AC or DC-coupled versions, with bandwidth from DC-40MHz and to 3GHz for AC coupled links. Compact, EMP-Shielded enclosures allow for high e-field gradient applications. Remote control of Battery power On/Off is possible, allowing for single shot measurements to be set up well in advance. p2p links have been used extensively for MIL-STD-461-RS105.

Magnetic Intrusion Detection

Magnetic measurements have been present in the defense sectors for decades. They are now finding their way into applications more closely related to the general public, and used in applications targeted at detecting ferromagnetic objects which can pose a threat to people’s safety.

Due to the nature of the measurements, mainly low field and low frequency measurements, Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometers are ideal for use in an extensive range of applications within the security and defense market. The low power, low profile and easy ability to be easily repackaged means that fluxgate sensors will be used from airborne to underwater platforms.

Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometers are used in ship signature from both a  detection and concealment perspective. Magnetic mine location and unexploded ordinance (UXO) are also significant areas of fluxgate magnetometer use.