Hall Magnetic and Current Sensors

MV2-QFN with 3 arrows

Metrolab MagVector™ MV2 Digital 3-axis Hall Magnetic Sensor

The MagVector™ MV2 is the ideal solution if you need to integrate a sophisticated magnetometer into your electronic system.

  • Axis: 3-axis (Bx, By, Bz)
  • Selectable measurement ranges: from 100 mT to 30 T
  • Low noise: 300 nT/√Hz
  • Analog and digital interfaces
  • Selectable measurement rate: up to 3 kHz
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Senis 3DHALL – 3-Axis Hall Magnetic Sensor SENM3Dx

SENM3Dx is a CMOS integrated magnetic field sensor that allows the acquisition of all 3 magnetic-field components (Bx, By and Bz) at the same time and at the same spot.

  • Selection of active sensitivity axis 1D, 2D or 3D
  • High Magnetic resolution: 1uT
  • High spatial resolution: 100um x 100um for 3-axis
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Hall Element

AKM Hall Element Magnetic Sensors

AKM (Asahi Kasei) Hall Elements generate an output analog signal proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field.

  • Axis: 1-axis
  • HG Series, Excellent thermal characteristic. High linear output. Best suited to current sensors.
  • HQ Series, High sensitivity and low current consump­tion are achieved simulta­neously.
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Hall ICs

AKM Hall Magnetic Switch ICs

AKM (Asahi Kasei) Hall Switch ICs detects a magnetic field and outputs a digital signal.

  • Unipolar Switch, On/off is switched depending on the intensity of the magnetic field of the S-pole of the magnet. This type is primarily used for position detection of a magnet.
  • Omnipolar Switch, On/Off is switched depending on the intensity of the magnetic field.


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AKM linear Hall IC

AKM Linear Hall Magnetic ICs

AKM (Asahi Kasei) Linear Hall Effect ICs generate an amplified analog signal proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field.

  • Axis: 1-axis (perpendicular to IC)
  • Sensitivity: ± 130mV/mT, ± 65mV/mT, ± 40mV/mT or ± 20mV/mT
  • Bandwidth: DC to 100kHz
  • Can be used in Open-loop Gapped Core Current Sensors
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Sentron CSA-1VG-SO Linear Hall Magnetic IC

Sentron CSA-1VG-SO Hall effect IC is  linear single-axis, analog, high sensitivity, small size and low power. CMOS, SOIC-8 package.

  • Axis: 1-axis (parallel to IC)
  • Range: ± 7.5mT
  • Resolution: ± 15µT
  • Bandwidth: DC to 100kHz
  • Can be used for “Over-the-trace” current sensing
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Sentron 2SA-10G 2-axis Linear Hall Magnetic IC

Sentron 2SA-10G 2-Axis Hall Sensor. Linear 2-Axis, high sensitivity, small size and low power. CMOS, SOIC-8 package. Generates amplified analog signals proportional to the intensity of the magnetic fields in the X and Y axis.

  • Axis: 2-axis (Bx, By; parallel to IC)
  • Range: ± 50mT
  • Resolution: ± 15µT
  • Bandwidth: DC to 10kHz
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Ametes MFS-3A 3-axis Magnetic Field Sensor

Ametes Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor. Three Hall sensor ICs with sensitive axes mutually perpendicular. Three analog output signals for Bx, By, and Bz.

  • Axis: 3-axis (Bx, By, Bz)
  • Range: ± 3mT
  • Resolution: ± 20µT
  • Bandwidth: DC to 100kHz
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AKM Currentier CQ / CZ Isolated Current Sensors

PCB Mount, Analog Signal Output, Open-Loop Current Sensors with Voltage Isolation to 3kV.

AKM Current Sensors utilize an array of extremely low noise Hall elements, rather than integrated Silicon Hall elements, to sense the magnetic field from the primary current with lower noise and much improved signal/noise performance.

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CS-03 Sensor

Senis CS-03 High Sensitivity Isolated Current Sensor

Senis CS-03 Low Current Sensor is a next-generation analog current sensor for bipolar current sensing.

  • Ranges: ±0.1A, ±0.2A, ±2A and ±8A
  • Accuracy: <2% of FS
  • Linearity: 0.5% (typical)
  • Bandwidth: DC to 5kHz
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Senis BBM-01 Bus Bar Module Isolated Current Sensor

Senis BBM Bus Bar Module Current Sensor uses two Hall-effect magnetic sensor ICs, mounting one on each side of the Current Bus Bar. High level ±4V linear signal output.

  • Ranges: ±200A to ±3000A
  • Resolution: appox. 0.05% of FS
  • Bandwidth: DC to AC, depends on BBM geometry.
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AKM EM-3242 Non-contact Magnetic Angle Sensor

AKM (Asahi Kesai) EM-3242 Non-contact, Absolute Angle Sensor IC Integrates a Hall element and processing IC into a single package.

  • Resolution: up to 10 bits (0.36°)
  • Non-linearity: 1%
  • Package: 6-SOP
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AKM AK877x Magnetic Encoder ICs

AKM (Asahi Kesai) AK-877x Magnetic provides digital outputs corresponding to the direction and number of poles from a rotating magnet.

  • Sensitivity: ±1.5mT to ±2mT
  • Frequency Response: to 8kHz
  • Outputs: Two Quadrature 90° Phased Outputs or Pulse Count and Direction of Rotation
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