Magnetic Field Mapping

Magnetic Field Mapper

Senis Magnetic Field Mapping System MMS-1A-RS allows a user to create high resolution map of the magnetic field around an electromagnet or permanent magnet.

  • Quality control of permanent magnets;
  • Quality assessment tool in production, for assemblies such as loudspeakers, multi-pole magnets, photocopier rollers and magnetic film;
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Metrolab HallinSight® 3-D-Hall Magnetic Field Camera

HallinSight® Hall Magnetic Field Cameras offer an off-the-shelf solution for mapping static magnetic fields.

  • Measurement on a 2.5 mm grid
  • Lateral geometric position error < 50 μm
  • Vertical geometric position error < 10 μm
  • Orthogonality error < 0.1°
  • Resolution 4 μT
  • S ± 100 mT
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Senis SEN-3D-CAM Magnetic Field Camera

SEN-3D-CAM is the World’s First True 3D Magnetic Field Camera

  • Measures all three 3 field components of a magnetic field (Bx, By, Bz)
  • Very high magnetic and spatial resolution (16k pixels)
  • World’s smallest sensitive volume of 27µm x 9µm x 4µm in each pixel
  • High image acquisition rate of 1 image/s
  • Application in laboratories and in production lines
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Rotary encoder

Magneto-Optic Systems and Sensors

Magneto-Optic Sensors enable visualization of the vertical magnetic field from a flat surface with down to 1µm spatial resolution and 1µs time resolution.

Applications: Hard and soft magnetic material analysis, permanent magnet magnetization, magnetic stripe cards, encoders, audio and video tapes, serial numbers…

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