GMW introduces 3480 bench-top lab magnet

GMW introduces the 3480 (specifications) bench-top electromagnet as a switch-in upgrade to our long standing 3470 portable electromagnet. The 3480 is the same size (285mm W x 197mm D x 213mm H) and weight (32kg) as the 3470 and uses the same mounting fixtures. The 3480 also has mounting fixtures for both metric and imperial optical tables. The new 3480 provides nearly twice the field across most pole gaps (>3.6T at 2mm gap, >2.0T at 10mm gap). Electrical connection to the 3480 can be made in three different configurations allowing the magnet to be matched to a wide range of power supplies.

GMW3470_3480 Comparison

GMW offers modifications and customizations to all electromagnets in the GMW product range. We can modify standard poles with axial holes for optical access and custom pole shaping for ease-of-access. Additionally, pole tips and caps can be added for custom field profiles, such as maximum field at a single point or a uniform field over a larger area/volume. Yoke geometry can also be modified for increased access. Such customization allow for ease of integration and increased magnetic field performance. Examples include integration into vacuum systems, high field uniformity for EPR applications and access bores for samples or instrumentation.

GMW 3480 Lab Magnet Specifications