GMW introduces the Model 5751 HTS Short Solenoid

As an extension to it’s Laboratory Electromagnet product line GMW introduced the Model 5751 HTS Short Solenoid at the APS (American Physical Society) Meeting in Los Angeles, California. With a 35mm diameter by 72mm long, room temperature bore the 5751 generates controllable magnetic fields between ┬▒1Tesla (+/-10,000Gauss). This is 5 to 10 times the field readily generated by a similar size copper coil and is obtained by using a Coil wound with HTS (High Temperature Superconducting) wire operated at 50 degK. Priced at $49,000, a complete 5751 System includes the HTS Coil, integral Cryocooler, Compressor for the Cryocooler, Power Supply including polarity reverse and all interconnecting Cables.