GMW is Exhibiting at APS March meeting, Boston, MA, March 4-7

GMW will be exhibiting at booth 629 at the American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting from March 4th-8th. The Exhibition Hall Welcome Reception is Monday 6:45pm. The Exhibition continues all day Tuesday through Thursday.

We will feature our wide range of electromagnets with an emphasis on our products that address the needs of the spintronics research community. We offer a range of GMW projected field magnets that provide 2π steradian customer accessibility, which is ideal for on-wafer testing or for integration with microscopes/cryostats. We offer in-plane, out-of-plane and vector options with the ability to vary fields at up to 100Hz. We will have on the stand the newest projected field model, the 5207, which is capable of over 1T vertical projected field.

For FMR damping measurements in traditional C-Frame Geometry, we offer GMW 3470 and 3480 magnets for lightweight perpendicular measurements up to 65 GHz. For angular dependence, we offer GMW 5403 and 5405 with high field across a gap large enough to allow for sample rotation. Alternatively, for experiments where sample rotation is not feasible, we offer a gimbal to allow the entire magnet to be rotated through a horizontal axis while being mechanically decoupled from the measurement.

In addition to developments in Electromagnets, GMW is also now delivering the new IECO BPS-85-70, +/-85V, +/-70A four-quadrant bipolar power supply. Two supplies can be operated in parallel for a total true bipolar output of +/-85V, +/-140A (12kW). The BPS-85-70 is particularly well matched to GMW 5405 and 3473 electromagnets. Full specifications, user manual, and test results are available here.

We will also show Bartington HCS, three-axis Helmholtz Coils with fields to +/-1mT on each axis and frequencies to 5kHz. The MAG-13 series reference magnetometers and field cancellation hardware and software allow for applications requiring cancelling of background fields, including at AC Mains power frequencies.

HTS-110, manufacturers of High Tc Superconducting Magnet systems, will also be exhibiting at booth 640. Dr. Donald Pooke, CTO at HTS-110, will on the HTS-110 stand.

For Magnetic Field Measurement, we will have on display a selection of 3-axis digital USB Hall and Fluxgate probes from Metrolab (THM1176/TFM1186, available with calibrated ranges from +/-100 μT to +/-14T) and Senis (3MTS, with calibrated range to +/-500mT). Both include software (Labview and C++/QT, respectively), and being powered by USB, need no other accessories aside from laptop, tablet or handheld device.

We will have Tom King, Lead Magnet Scientist, Yuqiang Qin, Senior Applications Engineer, and Anosh Patel, Technical Sales at Transact India Corporation, GMW’s exclusive Indian Distributor. If you are in Boston, please stop by for detailed technical discussions and applications support.