GMW is exhibiting at DoD E3 Program Review in Charleston, SC, April 2-3

GMW will be exhibiting at the DoD Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Program Review in Charleston, SC the week of April 1. The exhibition is open from 7-3 on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be showing:

  • From Pulsed Power & Measurement (PPM), we will have a full working system of the Sentinel3 Fiber Optic Link System. The Sentinel3 Multichannel Fiber Optic Link has adjustable input signal gain, temperature compensation and frequency response up to 3GHz to enable accurate time domain and frequency domain measurements. A long-life Battery that can be recharged from the main chassis allows for long-life testing of High Power Electromagnetics. Single and 8-channel Shielded Transmitters and multichannel Receivers provide for up to 288 channels to be monitored from a single chassis. Applications include low level swept current and frequency for aircraft and MIL-STD-188-125 testing.
  • We will also have examples of the point2point (p2p) Single Channel Fiber Optic Links. These come in AC or DC-coupled versions, with bandwidth from DC-40MHz and to 3GHz for AC coupled links. Compact, EMP-Shielded enclosures allow for high e-field gradient applications. Remote control of Battery power On/Off is possible, allowing for single shot measurements to be set up well in advance. p2p links have been used extensively for MIL-STD-461-RS105.
  • For pulsed current measurement, we will show Rogowski Coil AC Current Probes from Power Electronic Measurements (PEM) with measurement to over 1MA for applications in lightning testing and power system transients. A new version of the CWTMini50HF with frequency response to 50MHz (~12.5ns risetime) is now available.
  • Magnelab Passive Current Transformers (CT’s) with apertures from 7mm to 53mm and rise-times under 1ns. With analog voltage output to BNC or SMA connectors with sensitivity to 5.0V/A, these can be connected to fiber optic links for in-situ measurements over long distance, high voltage, or otherwise hostile environments.
  • The Bergoz Fast Current Transformer (FCT) can be used for faster measurements, with rise-times down to 200ps and sensitivities to 10V/A.
  • For low-level magnetic field measurements, we will show Bartington single and three-axis fluxgate magnetometersThe MAG612 offers small package (<20mm cube) with common center that can be used in arrays for detection of vehicles. The MAG-13 offers low noise (<5pTrms) performance with packages suitable for outdoors and submersible applications.

Richard Leonard from PPM will be with Brian Richter and making Sentinel3 Demonstrations. We hope to see you in Charleston.