GMW is Exhibiting at Experimental NMR Conference (ENC) in Pacific Grove CA April 7-11

Brian Richter (President, GMW) and Stephane Jotterand (CEO, Metrolab)  will be at ENC available to discuss application-related questions at Booth #2 .

Continuing developments from GMW and partners include:

  • Metrolab are pleased to introduce and have available the new NMR Motorized Mapping System for small bore NMR spectroscopy magnets with fields to 25T, drift compensation, and travel length of 70mm.
  • Also from Metrolab, the PT2026 NMR Magnetometer is the world standard for total field measurement. We will show with the PM-1055 Permanent Magnet for spectroscopy applications from 0.01T to .5T over 13mm clear air gap.
  • Benchtop High Uniformity Electromagnets. These Magnet Systems are designed and manufactured to optimize the uniform field volume at a specified field and gap, for improved Spectroscopy and imaging performance, particularly with smaller Electromagnets and Power Supplies. Closed loop control to better than 1uT, and ppm-level uniformities are achievable with special fine-adjustable, high uniformity poles while maintaining ability to adjust pole gap and excitation currents to cover range of fields and applications.
  • K3A Cryogenic 3-axis Magnetic Field Transducer from Senis. The K3A cryogenic transducer is a low-noise, 3-axis transducer for measurements down to 1K, with full-scale calibrated magnetic field ranges of 2T, 5T and 9T available, and bandwidth from DC to 1kHz.
  • From Elemental Instruments; compact, tunable permanent magnets for fields to ±0.35 Tesla and ±2.5% homogeneity over 10mm2. Applications for these permanent magnets include: magnetic material characterization, NMR, wafer testing, spintronics, magnetic field control in research laboratories.