GMW is Exhibiting at NAPAC-19, Lansing, MI September, 1-6 2019

GMW will be exhibiting at North American Particle Accelerator Conference in Lansing, Michigan. The conference opens with a student poster session and reception Sunday September 1st. The exhibition remains open all-day Monday through Thursday.  GMW is in booth 123.

We will be showing:

  • From Bergoz Instrumentation, accelerator beam diagnostics for beam current, position and profile. Featured is the new CWCT and BCM-CW for measurement of the average current of CW or macropulse beams up to 500MHz RF with resolution <1uA and dc to 100kHz output bandwidth independent of bunch shape/width. The CWCT is ideally suited to sub-relativistic proton/ion beams, to measure loss along the accelerating path. Tom Delaviere from Bergoz Instrumentation will be with me on the booth and available for detailed discussions on diagnostics for beam-specific applications.
  • From Danisense, very high accuracy, ultra-stable, DC Current Transducers from 12A to 12kA with optional built in full-scale calibration windings and options for current or voltage output. Pcb-mounting versions for installations into power supplies are now available.
  • From GMW, clamp-on current probes for currents from 250A to 16kA. Frequency from DC up to 75kHz and accuracy of +/-1% are suitable for redundant dc or ac current monitoring or troubleshooting of magnet power supply outputs.
  • From Metrolab Technology, the new PT2026 NMR Teslameter with higher resolution, faster measurement speed, multiplex options for multiple magnets spaced at significant distances, and wide-band probes suitable for measurement from 0.2T to >3T with a single probe, ideal for hall probe calibration. Also from Metrolab, the FDI Digital Integrator as well as the MV2 3-axis hall device, suitable for magnet mapping in arrays. Results from preliminary cryogenic tests are available.
  • From Bartington Instruments, Cryogenic Fluxgates for magnetic field monitoring in cryocavities.  We will have details on a new 3-axis cryogenic fluxgate, with deliveries beginning Q1 2020. Also available are 3-axis room temperature Fluxgates for environmental field measurements with mG resolution and response from DC to 12kHz.
  • From Group3, sub-mG resolution digital magnetic field probes for DC fields with electrical and fiber optic outputs. Calibrated (<0.1% absolute accuracy) probes to 12T are available.
  • From HTS-110, High Temperature Current leads for superconducting magnet applications.
  • From Senis, single-axis Analog Transducers with frequency response to 25kHz for field monitoring and control. Three-axis Transducers and Digital Teslameters with Probes utilizing the Senis IC having a sensing volume of 0.15×0,15×0.01mm for high position resolution mapping of non-uniform fields to 20T.

If you are in Lansing, we hope to see you at NA-PAC.