GMW is Exhibiting at the Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials in Dallas, TX Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

Brian Richter (President) and Cerwyn Chiew (Project Engineer, Magnet & Magnetic Systems) will be at GMW Booth 11. We’re also proud to be the “Best Poster Award” sponsor. For more details about the conference click here.

In 2023 GMW introduced the new Model 3460 Very Compact (<10kg) Dipole Electromagnet suitable for table-top experimentation with fields to 1.5T at 1cm gap. The magnet will be on GMWs stand to view and discuss.

Continuing developments from GMW and partners include:

  • Benchtop High Uniformity Electromagnets. These Magnet Systems are designed and manufactured to optimize the uniform field volume at a specified field and gap, for improved Spectroscopy and imaging performance, particularly with smaller Electromagnets and Power Supplies.
  • K3A Cryogenic 3-axis Magnetic Field Transducer from Senis. The K3A cryogenic transducer is a low-noise, 3-axis transducer for measurements down to 1K, with full-scale calibrated magnetic field ranges of 2T, 5T and 9T available, and bandwidth from DC to 1kHz.

GMW will be exhibiting: