GMW is exhibiting at the MMM Conference in Minneapolis Nov. 1-3

We’re exhibiting at the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) Conference in Minneapolis, MN October 1-3. Tom King, Ph.D. (Lead Magnet Scientist) and Yuqiang Qin (Senior Applications Engineer) will be at booth 6.

Continuing developments from GMW include:

  • GMW 5503 Dipole Electromagnet, in-plane field to 1.5T, configurable gap for wafers from 4” to 10”, with high uniformity of ±1.5% / ±1° over entire wafer.
  • GMW 5202 Projected Field Vector Electromagnet for both horizontal and vertical projected fields. Vector angle is remotely continuously variable around the full 360 degrees in one plane. Poles are configurable to suit application, for example for spin orbit damping characterization.
  • High field, small gap dipole electromagnets with fields to ±7T with field cycling in under 5 seconds.

GMW is excited to offer a new product line of precise, compact, tunable permanent magnets from Elemental Instruments for fields to ±0.35 Tesla and ±2.5% homogeneity over 10mm2. Applications for these new permanent magnets include: magnetic material characterization, wafer testing, spintronics, NMR, magnetic field control in research laboratories, and more.