GMW offers IECO BPS-85-70 6kW four-quadrant Bipolar Power Supply

GMW is now delivering the IECO BPS-85-70, ±85V, ±70A four-quadrant bipolar power supply. Now in production with short delivery, the BPS is air-cooled and can be used with either 208Vac or 440Vac 50/60Hz input power. The supply can be controlled by an analog input signal for voltage or current output with very low noise into a wide range of load impedances. When used to excite electromagnets, the BPS is normally programmed in current mode. Two supplies can be operated in parallel to offer a ±85V, ±140A, 12kW true bipolar supply.

At 55kg and 19” rack-mountable (5U height), the supply is compact and requires little in way of facility preparation for either new or existing electromagnet installations. It features an internal flux-gate DC current transducer for high output current stability over time and temperature.  GMW can provide rack-mounting controllers with an integrated fast-analog Hall probe to allow for closed-loop field control of the entire electromagnet system from a single USB connection. With the BPS, unlike with a current reversing switch, one can operate at zero field with accuracy without the need for separate biasing coils.

Full specifications, user manual, and test results pairing BPS to several GMW electromagnets is available here.

For GMW Electromagnets, the BPS is particularly well-matched to the Model 5405 (±2T continuous at 2cm pole gap) and Model 3473-70 (±1.4T continuous at 5cm pole gap). Two supplies in parallel operating with the Model 3474-140 gives ±3.6T at 1cm air gap and is easily delivered with connecting cable (for primary current and interlocks to protect the load from overheating) for retrofitting existing magnet systems.

GMW will be showing the BPS 85-70 at the APS March Meeting in Boston. Tom King, Lead Magnet Scientist, and Yuqiang Qin, Senior Applications Engineer,  will be available at APS for discussions on the BPS-85-70 and GMW Magnet Systems with you.