GMW will Exhibit at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, September 10-12, Novi, MI

GMW will be exhibiting at the co-located Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Show in Novi, MI, September 10-12. GMW will be in Booth 1327.
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GMW will be showing:

  • CPC Clip-on Current Probes with ±250A to ±2kA range, dc to 75kHz response, small size & moisture resistance are used for test-call and in-vehicle monitoring.
  • Large aperture CPCO Current Probes, Clamp-on with range to16kA are used for DC/AC monitoring & test of high energy battery storage systems.
  • Clip-around, Rogowksi Coils AC Current Probes from Power Electronic Measurement (PEM), with Coil cross-section down to 1.6mm and Coil lengths to many meters with full-scale current ranges from 30A to 1MA. The CWT Mini50HF probes with response to 50MHz (-3dB) are applicable to a wide range of isolated current measurement on switching device leads, on leads from VSD to motors and in resonant wireless charging coils. Also available from PEM are the CMC Common Mode Current Probes with a frequency response tailored to reject the nominal drive current frequencies but have high sensitivity in the high frequency common mode current region.  For 85kHz wireless charging applications, the MiniHF with screened coils, allows measurement over frequencies of 79kHz to 90kHz with amplitude accuracy better than +/-1% and phase accuracy of better than +/-1 degree.
  • DC/AC Current Transducers from Danisense, with very high resolution and accuracy, wide dynamic range with full-scale current ranges from 12.5A to 10kA and dc to 500kHz(-3dB) for charge-discharge measurements of batteries or motor drive efficiency measurements using power analyzers or high-resolution data loggers. New unpackaged and programmable pcb-mounted versions allow for mounting in <1U height enclosures with primary current leads either through toroid or connected to pins.
  • IPCT Zero-Flux DC Current Transducers from Bergoz Instrumentation have ranges from 10mA to 5A full-scale. The IPCT features a large 82mm (3.2”) aperture, dc to 4kHz frequency response and current resolution to 10uArms and can be used for dc or ac, differential or leakage current measurements on complete cables for ac-dc chargers, PV to dc battery storage, variable speed drive to motor assemblies. The very high stability and reproducibility of these Transducers enable applications to product development, production quality control or long-term condition monitoring.
  • From Senis, For high position resolution magnetic field mapping between wireless charging Send and Receive Coils the Senis 3DACMT-1 AC Magnetic Field Transducer has a small Sensing Head of 15.3mm on a side. Analog signals for each of Bx, By and Bz are provided for input to a Scope, Spectrum Analyzer or Data Logging system. The full-scale amplitude is +/-10mT with Sensitivity of 500mV/mT and 1.5uT resolution covering a frequency range of 10kHz to 200kHz with a phase accuracy at 85kHz of better than 3 degree.

For current instrument calibration, GMW is now ISO-17025 accredited from 40A to 8kA at both DC and AC frequencies up to 400Hz. This allows for accredited calibrations of Rogowski Coils, as well as for hall-effect and fluxgate type current transducers. Brian Righter, GMW President and Sandro Renteria, Calibration Manager, will be at the GMW Booth. If you are attending, please stop by.