MFC2046, new NMR Shim Camera with single point and probe array

Ahead of next month’s Magnetic Measurement in Medicine conference (ISMRM), we are pleased to introduce the latest NMR field measurement instrument from Metrolab Technology.

The MFC2046 takes advantage of common electronics with the PT2026 – precision NMR teslameter launched in 2017.  Now with a single instrument, one can use single point probes for applications such as decay measurements as well as probe arrays for mapping of MRI and NMR magnets.  There is also the possibility of connecting an array with fixed frequency probes and adding a single wide-band probe to the array. For example, a 32 point array with 500mm DSV at 127MHz could have a single probe placed to be at the ISO Center of the magnet that can measure from 1.2T to over 3T, following field ramp or field decay.

The MFC2046 probe arrays can have 10ppb (billion) field resolution and less than 1mm position resolution. New smaller coils allow 4mm spacing between probes, for mapping in a bore as small as 40mm. Whereas the previous Shim Camera’s were limited in field (7T) and number of points (32), the MFC2046 can measure to 25T (1GHz) and 255 points.

The MFC2046 is run via USB and includes LabVIEW software – Version 10 of MFCTool. In addition to the “classic” Metrolab file format, Version 10 introduces a powerful new XML-based format, as well as a plugin module to recover the measurement results in real time.

GMW will be exhibiting at next month’s ISMRM meeting in Montreal Canada. We will have engineers from Metrolab on the stand and we would be happy to arrange a demonstration of the PT2026/MFC2046.