New developments in GMW dipole electromagnets

GMW is continuing to update its electromagnet product offering and is pleased to announce the new 5405. This magnet is a direct fit, form and function upgrade for the earlier 5403 system with identical poles, mounting holes and weight. The 5405 offers significant increase in field strength above the 5403; across a gap of 20mm the 5405 generates continuous 2T with the 5403 generating 1.6T.

The 5405 provides a peak continuous field of 4.3 Tesla across a gap of 2mm. The 5405 has been optimized to operate in conjunction with an +/-85V, +/-70A true Bipolar power supply. When coupled with this supply the 5405 will operate up to 70A. When operated with a unipolar power supply the 5405 can operate up to 100A for short periods.

The 5405 is designed with many options and configurations. A standard range of brackets allow the magnet to be oriented to provide magnetic field horizontally, vertically, at 45┬░ or any orientation as a custom option. The design also allows for the yoke to be split allowing for elongation of the magnet at 25mm intervals, it is very simple to modify the magnet to fit around any working environment. The magnet is protected by a temperature interlock that removes power in the event of over-temperature. A further safety option includes a water flow switch that can be included in the interlock circuit. Yellow alert status can also be included by an additional water flow meter to indicate when maintenance is required. Similarly, a temperature based yellow alert can be added to show that the magnet is operating warmer than usual but within acceptable range; indicating maintenance is required.

Preliminary Specifciations: 5405 Brochure, October 2017