GMW Electromagnets at APS March Meeting Exhibition, March 2-6 in Denver

GMW will be attending the American Physical Society March Meeting conference from March 2nd to 6th in Denver, Colorado. GMW will be at booth 906 at the conference Exhibition Hall which will be open Monday through Wednesday, please refer to

GMW will be introducing new systems under development.

  • For high field uniformity achieved using our standard 3470 / 3480 electromagnets, GMW has developed adjustable poles, with each pole-end fully adjusted using three independent pull so that manufacturing imperfections can be “tuned” out. This is of particular importance for ESR/EPR experiments.
  • The specifications for 5601 High Uniformity Vector Field Electromagnet will be available for discussion. This system provides Helmholtz levels of field uniformity in a magnetically shielded volume, with preliminary specifications for a 40mm aperture to accommodate standard cryostat and optical access. The design can be scaled up or down for larger or smaller uniform field volumes, and we encourage feedback for future requirements.

We will display additional electromagnet systems, including:

  • 5203 projected vertical field magnet, now available for pulse fields up to 1 Tesla for single DUT (0.6T for 4mm square arrays) with a 25% duty cycle. This is achieved using bipolar IECO power supplies (true bipolar output of +/-85V, +/-140A, 12kW), also on display.
  • Additional projected field magnets, used in experiments where 2p steradian access is required. Our 5204 display illustrates our projected vector magnet system while out 5207 is a cost effective way of applying fields above 1 Tesla to a sample while retaining a high level of access. We illustrate the use of such projected field systems configured for MOKE and FMR measurements.
  • Bartington 3-Axis Helmholtz Coil Systems ranging from 350mm to 2m diameter, and offering a wide range of field amplitude and frequencies. All systems can be supplied with an active cancellation module for increased field stability.

And also on display for magnetic field measurement, we will have a selection of 3-axis digital USB Hall and Fluxgate probes from Metrolab (THM1176/TFM1186, available with calibrated ranges from +/-100 μT to +/-14T) and Senis (3MTS, with calibrated range to +/-500mT). Both include software (Labview and C++/QT, respectively), and being powered by USB, need no other accessories aside from laptop, tablet or handheld device.

If you are in Denver, please stop by for detailed technical discussions and applications support.