Senis SENA2Dx Magnetic Angle Sensor

The Senis SENA2Dx Magnetic Angle Sensor for End-On or Off-Axis angle measurement provides a digital output for angle over a full 360° rotation within a Response Time of less than 1µs and Angular Resolution of less than 0.1°. The magnetic field angle is measured in the plane of the QFN28 package with 5x5mm area and 1.25mm height. A small angle sensing volume of 100x100x10µm reduces the error contribution from magnetic field non-uniformity. Adaption to different Magnet types or geometries and rejection of motor or actuator fringe magnetic fields can be optimized by setting the active Magnetic Field Amplitude Range from 15mT (150G) up to 200mT (2000G). A Non-Volatile Memory allows corrections to be entered for Magnet alignment error and temperature correction over the -45 to +125 °C operating range.

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