AC Magnetic Field Probes and Current Probes for measurements on Wireless Power Transfer Systems

GMW is offering new Transducers for Measurements on Wireless Charging Systems for Electric vehicles [pdf].

For high position resolution magnetic field mapping between Send and Receive Coils the Senis 3DACMT-1 AC Magnetic Field Transducer has a small Sensing Head of 15.3mm on a side. Analog signals for each of Bx, By and Bz are provided for input to a Scope, Spectrum Analyzer or Data Logging system. The full-scale amplitude is +/-10mT with Sensitivity of 500mV/mT and 1.5uT resolution covering a frequency range of 10kHz to 200kHz with a phase accuracy at 85kHz of better than 3 degree.

For measurements of the 85kHz Coil current, a special version of the PEM MiniHF Clip-around, Rogowski Coil AC Current Probe with shielded Coil has a +/-300A range with 35mArms resolution and 530Hz to 30MHz (-3dB) bandwidth. The signal output is an analog voltage with Sensitivity of 20mV/A. For signal frequencies of 79kHz to 90kHz the amplitude accuracy is better than +/-1% with a phase accuracy of better than +/-1 degree.

GMW will be showing the 3DACMT-1 AC Magnetic Field Transducer and CWT MiniHF AC Current Probe at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, Novi, MI, and the IEEE ECCE, Baltimore, MD. If you are attending please stop by.