GMW is at Applied Superconductivity Conference in Seattle, October 29 to November 1

GMW is at Booth 28 of the exhibit at The Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

Philip Keller from Metrolab will be with Brian Richter showing the new MFC2046 Magnetic Field Camera system. The MFC2046 extends the PT2026 NMR Teslameter with a multi-probe array for rapid, high-resolution mapping of MRI or spectrometer magnets, while still supporting single-point probes with customizable field ranges, e.g. a single wide-band probe with range from <1.5T to >3.0T. Multi-point probe arrays for the MFC2046 for spherical or elliptical maps can include many fixed-frequency probes with an optional single wide-band probe integrated into the array to measure at ISO-Center to track the field as the magnet is ramped. Also shown from Metrolab are the FDI2056 precision digital integrator and 3-component USB Hall probes, available as instruments with USB interface and in IC form for high position resolution mapping of uniform or non-uniform fields.

Joey Aguas from Group3 Technologies is at ASC with the Group3 DTM-152 High Resolution (1uT in 3T), touch screen digital teslameter. Newly available from Group3 are also NIST-Traceable, Calibrated high field probes, with measurements to 9T.

Dr. Donald Pooke, CTO of HTS-110, will also be in Seattle  and prepared to discuss the CryoSaver Current Leads with nominal current ratings to 2kA. Donald can discuss the HTS-110 capability for specialized system design and manufacture of systems based on high temperature superconductors.

WeI will also have examples of:

  • Bartington Fluxgate Three Component Magnetic Field Probes (Bx, By, Bz) with analog outputs for low fields to +/-1mT. Single Component cryogenic versions are available for fields to +/-2mT and are being permanently installed in cryostats to monitor residual magnetic fields prior to cooling to avoid significant trapped fields in cryogenic cavities.
  • Senis Analog Hall Transducers with very small very small One-, Two- and Three-Component Integrated Circuit Sensors are applicable to high resolution field mapping and magnet control. Multichannel systems are available for multi-point monitoring of magnetic machines. Also from Senis, the NV1 Nanovoltmeter, suitable for flux change measurements, stretched wire or rotating coil magnet field measurements.
  • Danisense DC/AC Current Transducers with very high absolute accuracy and stability for magnet and machine test and control with current ranges from +/-50A to  +/-11kA full-scale.
  • GMW clamp-on current transducers with current ranges from 250A to 12kA full-scale. The CP series features frequency response from DC to 75kHz and +/-1% accuracy. With no magnetic core, the transducers can withstand high current overloads without damage, and recover immediately when primary current is within range.
  • High frequency current measurements can be made with the Magnelab CT (to 500MHz) and Bergoz FCT (to 1.7GHz) current transformers.
  • GMW Resistive Electromagnet Systems, including the Projected Field series for device characterization. The Projected Field Electromagnets are small enough to be located within a re-entrant tube to provide a controllable field within a vacuum chamber. Traditional C-Frame and H-Frame geometries are available with fields to 5T.

If you are attending ASC, please stop by.