GMW is exhibiting at ISMRM & ISMRT Annual Meeting & Exhibition

GMW is exhibiting at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) June 3-8 in Toronto, Canada.

Brian Richter, President of GMW is joined by newly appointed Metrolab CEO Stéphane Jotterand and Metrolab Business Development Manager Dr. Antoine Daridon.

We will be in Booth D11, exhibiting instrumentation for the very high accuracy measurement and mapping of magnetic fields from uT to 20T (both in magnet bore and for site survey & safety measurements) and measurement of electric current to +/-10kA, including:

Metrolab NMR Magnetic Field Camera, MFC2046

Metrolab Digital NMR Teslameter PT2026 

Metrolab THM1176/TFM1186 USB Teslameter

Bartington Mag-13 Fluxgate 3-Axis Low-Noise Magnetometer

Danisense DC/AC High Precision Current Transducers 

HTS-110 CryoSaver™ Current Leads