GMW is exhibiting Electromagnet Systems and Magnetic Field Instrumentation at APS March Meeting, Los Angeles, March 5-9. Booth 827

GMW will be at Booth 827 at the American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting. For details, please see:

The Exhibition Hall is open Monday Evening March 5th at 6:45pm for a Welcome Reception and all day Tuesday to Thursday. GMW will feature:

GMW Resistive Electromagnet Systems for spintronics, biological studies, thin films, magnetic materials, and magnetic devices.

  • Model 5405 Electromagnet, has the same dimensions and weight of the Model 5403. This C-Frame electromagnet can reach 2T at 2cm gap with 6kW-rated coils.
  • The BPS-85-70 [pdf brochure] from IECO is 6kW true bipolar power supply, with parallel operation possible for up to +/-140A excitation. When matched with the Model 5405, B-H loops of +/-2.6T over 1cm gap are possible at ~1Hz operation.
  • GMW projected field electromagnets, available as optimized for parallel or perpendicular field. The new model 5207 [pdf brochure] provides fields of over 1T vertical field at 5mm above pole face with single 1kW bipolar supply. The Model 5204 is true vector magnet, with ability to generate fields in any direction above top surface of the magnet at frequencies to 200Hz.
  • Model 3480 Electromagnet, has the same dimensions and weight as the well-known GMW Model 3470 table-top electromagnet. Through higher current density coils and shaped poles, the 3480 can reach fields of over 2T at a 1cm gap. Customized poles for EPR, MOKE and customer-specified geometries are possible.  GMW will have the Model 3480-OG, designed to allow for 60 degree incident angles over 1cm gap, on the booth for display.
  • Model 3470HFAC dipole electromagnet generating ±70mT peak fields from dc to 25kHz in an air gap of 35mm.

Bartington HCx-3, three-axis Helmholtz Coils with fields to +/-1mT on each axis and frequencies to 5kHz. The MAG-13 series reference magnetometers and field cancellation software allow for applications requiring cancelling of background fields, including at AC Mains power frequencies.

HTS-110, manufacturers of High Tc Superconducting Magnet systems, will be in booth 106. Dr. Taotao Huang, Magnet Design Engineer at HTS-110, will on the HTS-110 stand.

Magnetic Field Measurement Instrumentation

  • Senis Hall effect Magnetic Field Transducers, Instruments and Mapping Systems with one- and three-component Integrated Field Sensors available in field ranges to 20T and frequency response from dc to 75kHz. These are particularly appropriate for very high position resolution field mapping of magnets and magnet arrays. Very small probe package geometries are available. We will have on the stand the new 3MTS digital Hall probe from Senis. The 3MTS is an ultra-compact (less than 1mm thick), three-axis probe with USB output and +/-1% accuracy, all while fitting comfortably in the palm of one’s hand.

Mr. Brian Richter, GMW President, Dr. Tom King, Lead Magnet Scientist, and Mr. Lalo Guitron, GMW Sr. VP of Operations, will be available for detailed technical discussions and applications support. If you are in Los Angeles, please stop by.