GMW Magnets and Mag. Field Instrumentation at the APS March Meeting 2024

Brian Richter (President) and Cerwyn Chiew (Project Engineer, Magnets & Magnet Systems)  will be at GMW Booth 1206.

GMW is pleased to announce the newly developed Model 3460 Very Compact (<10kg) Dipole Electromagnet suitable for table-top experimentation with fields to 1.5T at 1cm gap. The magnet will be on GMWs stand to view and discuss.

Continuing developments from GMW and partners include:

  • Benchtop High Uniformity Electromagnets. These Magnet Systems are designed and manufactured to optimize the uniform field volume at a specified field and gap, for improved Spectroscopy and imaging performance, particularly with smaller Electromagnets and Power Supplies.
  • 3MH1 Hand-held 3-Axis Teslameter from Senis. The 3MH1 measures all three components of the magnetic field in a small sensitive volume of 100 x 100 x 100 um, with calibrated full-scale measurement ranges of ±60mT / ±500mT / ±2T (extrapolated to ±4T).
  • K3A Cryogenic 3-axis Magnetic Field Transducer from Senis. The K3A cryogenic transducer is a low-noise, 3-axis transducer for measurements down to 1K, with full-scale calibrated magnetic field ranges of 2T, 5T and 9T available, and bandwidth from DC to 1kHz.

We will be exhibiting:

Miniature Projected Field Electromagnets

Projected Field Electromagnets

Dipole Electromagnets for FMR Applications

Elemental Instruments Precision, Tunable Permanent Magnets

Senis K3A Cryogenic Low Noise Magnetic Field Transducer 

Metrolab THM1176/TFM1186 USB Teslameter

Senis Three Component Hall Transducers

Senis 3MH1 Handheld Teslameter