GMW will be at IEDM, December 1-5, San Francisco

GMW will be exhibiting at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) at the Hilton San Francisco, Union Square. The meeting runs December 1 to 5, with the Exhibition open on Monday 12pm to 4pm, Tuesday 8am to 4pm and Wednesday 8am to 12pm. In addition to Exhibition hours, Tom King will be attending the entire IEDM meeting.

We will be featuring GMW Projected Field Electromagnets with open access above the surface of the magnet for the sample under test, including:

  • 5207 Vertical Projected Field Electromagnet, which allows for greater vertical field where size and weight are less of a constraint. Fields to +/-1T at 4mm above the pole surface are obtainable using standard 1kW bipolar supply and standard poles. The 5207 allows for interchangeable custom pole geometries, and there for custom field profiles, for ease of transitioning from one experiment to the next with minimal down time.
  • 5203 Vertical Projected Field Electromagnet is widely used for MRAM test. Standard configurations allow for +/-0.5T with uniform vertical parallel field over a 5mm region of interest outside the body of the 5203 electromagnet. Mounting of the 5203 in a probe station can be above or below the wafer and custom pole geometries enable field optimization for different 5203 to wafer separations. The 5203 can be run with water to 63A, and for applications where water is undesirable, chilled, forced air can allow for operation to significant fraction of this.
  • 5204 Vector Projected Field Electromagnet, now in production, generates a field of up to +/-150mT in any direction at a location 4mm from the 5204 outside face. An axial hole through the Magnet enables optical alignment of the sample and associated probes.

    Applications include:

    • Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) center in diamond.
    • Biological sensitivity to magnetic field to simulate environmental fields or vector fields in organisms under microscope.
    • Spin Dynamics Studies
  • HTS-110 2T Projected Field Magnet with vertical projected fields to +/-2T in a compact, fast-ramping, cryogen-free superconducting electromagnet.

In addition, we will also have information on C-Frame Dipole Magnets, including:

  • 3470HFAC for High Frequency AC Magnetic Fields. Using exotic materials for the core and Litz wire coils,  the 3470HFAC operates at frequencies from DC to 25kHz using commercial amplifiers. DC fields are to ±70mT. At 25kHz frequency, peak fields of 20mT are obtainable at an air gap of 35mm with direct drive and ±70mT at a comb of frequencies when resonantly coupled. For fields to +/-1T at modest frequencies (DC to ~100Hz), the 5403AC Electromagnet is stocked at GMW.
  • 3480 Dipole Electromagnet is a higher power, higher field, version of the 3470 electromagnet that can generate over 3.5T at a 2mm Pole gap and over 2T in a 10mm Pole gap with a 1kW Bipolar Power Supply. The 3480 has the same physical footprint and external dimensions as the 3470 and weighs only a little more at 35kg. It is easily mounted on an optical table. For MOKE applications, a new Open Geometry version is available. This allows for both longitudinal and transverse MOKE in convenient geometry allowing greater access to sample.  An Extended Throat version allows for large diameter wafers to be inserted to gap, allowing for full coverage of 300mm wafer.

If you are in San Francisco for IEDM, please stop by.