GMW will be at the IEEE PPPS Conference in Orlando, FL

GMW is exhibiting at the IEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference in Orlando, FL from June 23rd through 27th in Booth 11.

Phil Surman of PPM will be there with Brian Richter and would be pleased to review recent development efforts at PPM. We will be showing examples of the PPM Fiber Optic Links for analog signals:

  • Sentinel 3 Intelligent Fiber Optic Link, which improves upon existing Fiber Optic Links systems with faster set-up times, reduced measurement times, greater testing endurance and increased confidence in test data. Signal detection down to -120dBm is possible, with up to six Receiver modules with one, two or six inputs can be mounted in a single 19” chassis, each module with a different programmable configuration as needed. Each Receiver module can be connected to a single channel or eight channel Transmit head, thereby allowing up to 288 channels within a single rack.
  • p2p fixed gain Fiber Optic Link system for high voltage isolation, transmission over long distances and/or very high EMP shielding effectiveness. The p2p system offers DC links with frequency response to 40MHz and AC links with frequencies from 40Hz to 3GHz.

GMW will also show measurement sensors and transducers for electrically isolated current measurements including:

  • PEM Clip-On AC Rogowski Current Probes with frequency response recently extended to 50MHz (7ns rise-time), current ranges to over +/-1MA and Coil lengths to over 30m. Applications range from ac power measurements, through power semiconductor switching waveform characterization to lightning current discharge monitoring. The MiniHF versions include electrostatic shielding of the Rogowski Coil to reduce capacitive coupling from very high dV/dt on the primary conductor and extend the frequency response to 50MHz.
  • Bergoz and Magnelab Passive AC Current Transformers from and with frequency response extending to 1.5GHz and with sensitivities as high as 5.0V/A. The Bergoz FCT complies with MIL-STD-188/125, standards for high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) hardening of fixed and transportable ground-based facilities which perform critical, time-urgent command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence (C41) functions.
  • DaniSense Fluxgate DC Current Transducers have very high accuracy and resolution for current measurement and control covering currents from 50A to 10kA and frequency response from dc to 1MHz.
  • VAC Closed-loop Current Transducers with 0.5% accuracy and currents to 2,500A and frequency from DC to 100kHz.
  • GMW CPCO and CPC Clip-on Current Transducers featuring DC-75kHz response and current ranges from 250A to 16kA. Diameters from 27mm to 160mm are available in a variety of output signal options.

Magnetic Field measuring instruments will include Senis One- and Three-Component Analog Hall Transducersavailable with frequency response from DC to 75kHz.

If you are attending the conference, please stop by to see us at Booth 11.