GMW is visiting IADC Drilling Conference in Galveston, TX March 3-4 and NACE Corrosion in Houston, TX March 15-18

Ludo Letourneur  will be visiting the upcoming SPE/IADC Drilling conference in Galveston, TX. He will not attend the whole conference but will be there Tuesday/Wednesday 3rd and 4th March. Registration is available here. He will also be visiting NACE Corrosion conference in Houston, TX from the 15th to 18th March. Registration is available here.

If you had questions or projects requiring Bartington high temperature fluxgate sensors suitable for applications such as active ranging as well as Bartington’s Helmholtz coils used for calibration of directional drilling tools and ranging equipment, please feel free to contact Ludo and arrange a meeting. He will also be traveling around Houston for the week, so if you are in the area but not at the conference, he can stop by your offices.

Example of sensors available from Bartington are listed below.

  • Bartington High temperature fluxgate sensors include the compact Mag614 rated to 175°C, Mag611 rated to 215°C, and low noise version of the Mag610 for increased precision rated to 175°C.
  • Bartington Mag-13 low-noise and Mag612 miniature ambient temperature fluxgate sensors for use as reference sensors, or for shallower applications will also be on display.
  • Bartington 3-Axis Helmholtz Coil Systems are available from 350mm up to 2m allowing for a wide range of tools to be accommodated. All systems can integrate an active cancellation system for better DC calibration stability.