Electromagnet Power Supplies

Unipolar and bipolar power supplies, power amplifiers and reversing switches optimized for GMW Electromagnets.

Technical Information

  1. LVMCTRL User Manual

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See detailed power supply product pages for specifications and pricing.

IECO BPS-85-70

Bipolar Power Supply for Electromagnets.

  • Output Power Range: ±70A, ±85V
  • Regulation Principle: Fluxgate current transducer feedback


Bipolar Current Amplifier for lab and accelerator electromagnets.

  • Output Power Range: ±70A, ±160V max
  • Stability Class: ±1000ppm
  • Regulation Principle: Switch mode gradient amplifier

5971-160 Current Reversal Switch

Current Reversal Switch for magnetic field reversal when using a unipolar Power Supply.

  • Output Power Range: ±160A, ±200V max
  • Recommended Power Supplies: Sorensen DLM40-75E, Sorensen SGA 60/83 60V, 83A, Sorensen SGA 100/150 100V, 150A, Sorensen SGA 160/31 160V, 31A, Sorensen SGA 160/62 160V, 62A, Sorensen SGA 160/156 160V, 156A, Sorensen SGA 200/75 200V, 75A