GMW Bipolar Current Amplifier, 231HC

The GMW 231HC Bipolar Current Amplifier provides a fast response true bipolar current source of up to ±70A, ±160V for GMW Electromagnets including Electromagnets 5403, 5403EG, 5403AC, 3472-70, 3473-70 and 5451. The 231HC integrates a Copley Controls Gradient Amplifier Model 231HC with capacitor bank, auxiliary power supply, cooling fans and National Instruments USB-6251 data acquisition and control module in a 19 inch rack mounting cabinet. Either 16bit resolution USB or direct analog programming of the current output is available. The USB-6251 can also read back Electromagnet current and voltage and magnetic field if a Senis Analog Magnetic Field Transducer is included in the system.

A suitable dc Power Supply is also required, such as the Ametek SGA 160V, 31A. To ramp the 3473-70 Electromagnet at a maximum rate of change of field requires the SGA 160V, 63A Power Supply.

For a complete Bipolar Power Supply System the 231HC and SGA DC Power Supply are mounted in the GMW-RC-1920 Bench Height Rack. Rack space is available for the GMW RMCS-P4 Rack Mounted Computer to enable a complete computer controlled system running under the GMW LVMCTRL LabVIEW Control Software. Refer to the 231HC User Manual for performance examples with GMW Electromagnets.

The 231HC Bipolar Current Amplifier has been discontinued and has no direct replacement. However, GMW now offers IECO BPS-85-70 Bipolar Power Supply for up to 6kW, four quadrant power.