SemiProbe integrates GMW 5201 and 5203 Projected Field Electromagnets into MSS Probe Systems

SemiProbe, a worldwide leader in probing systems for the semiconductor industry, has recently delivered semi-automated MSS Probe Systems to the US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) with integrated GMW Projected Field Electromagnet. These applications used shaped pole tips to focus the magnetic field to provide target uniformity over the area required.


(photos curtesy of Semiprobe)

Success story – Magnetic Stimulation – United States

Success Story – Magnetic Stimulation – Europe

GMW 5201 Projected Field Electromagnet

By “projecting” magnetic field outside the Model 5201 Electromagnet, a volume of approximately uniform magnetic flux density is made available for magnetic measurements on small samples. Open access to the sample surface is available for diagnostic probes and radiation from laser and synchrotron radiation sources.

GMW 5203 Projected Field Electromagnet

The 5203 Electromagnet is a projected field magnet providing uniform field at a location above the magnet surface. It is intended for applications where the space around the working volume needs to be freely accessible.

Poles are interchangeable and are available with an axial access bore. The 5203 can be mounted in any orientation and light weight (2.5kg) allows the magnet to be integrated into dynamic applications such as wafer testing.


GMW has worked with SemiProbe for many years, providing electromagnets for SemiProbe systems for semiconductor device testing.