GMW is at SpaceTech/Aerospace Engineering, May 24-26 in Pasadena, CA

GMW is in booth 1012 at the combined Space Tech and Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo. For more information, see: and

Note that complimentary registration for free sessions and Expo is available from either link.

The Expo moves this year to The Pasadena Convention Center in downtown Pasadena, opening on Tuesday the 24th at Noon and running through Thursday afternoon. GMW will be showing instrumentation for measurement and mapping of magnetic fields and calibration of magnetic sensors.


  • Bartington Instruments Magnetic Field Sensors single-axis or three-axis, with versions for very low noise, very low power, room temperature or cryogenic operation, and laboratory or harsh environments with full-scale field ranges to 2mT (20G) and frequency response from dc to 12kHz. Details on the SpaceMag Lite, designed for use in CubeSat Missions, will be available.
  • Bartington Instruments Helmholtz Coil Systems in One- to Three-Axis geometries with very high angular orthogonality. The coils generate magnetic fields for high accuracy magnetic sensor calibration or active field cancellation. The three field components, Bx, By and Bz, are controllable to 500uT (5G) dc or 100uT (1G) to 5kHz. The HC1-3, Three-Axis Coil with approximately 0.5m Coil diameter will be shown.
  • Metrolab Three-Axis Magnetic Field Probes with a USB interface for direct connection to a laptop or tablet with USB Port. A fluxgate version, TFM1186, is offered for low field measurements to ±100uT (±1G) and higher field versions have full-scale ranges of ±8mT, ±3T and ±20T. The TFM1186 has been approved for use aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for magnetic surveys.

GMW will have details on the new PPM Sentinel 3 Fiber-Optic Link system specifically designed for aircraft test. With touch screen monitoring and capability to link up to 288 channels into single 19” rack-mounting chassis, the Sentinel 3 is ideal for NEMP testing (MIL-STD 188-125) as well as Low Level Swept Field and Low Level Swept Current tests. Transmit heads are electrically shielded to 100kV/m, well-suited for Full Threat Environments.

GMW will also be showing instrumentation for the measurement of current in electric power conversion systems.

  • PEM Rogowski Coil AC Current Probes for ac current measurements with frequency response to over 30MHz and full-scale currents to over 300kA. Convenient, “clip-around” coils are available with cross-section as small as 1.8mm that can be used for current measurements on high speed power devices.
  • DaniSense Current Transducers are very high accuracy, low noise, fluxgate current transducers, ideal as current range extenders for power analyzers or high accuracy, low noise dc and ac current sources or loads. Current ranges from ±300A to ±8000A peak are available. Frequency response is to over 500kHz (-3dB) and each transducer is factory characterized for amplitude and phase response.
  • GMW DC-AC Clamp-on Current Probes offer full-scale currents from ±500A to ±16kA and frequency response from dc to 40kHz. These slim and low mass Current Probes can be easily installed to enable quick diagnostic measurements in dc/ac high current systems where cable disconnection is difficult or impossible.

If you are at Space Tech or Aerospace Electrical Systems please stop by.

Thank you,
Brian Richter
GMW Associates