Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometer, 3-Axis, Low Noise

Bartington 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors are compact, high performance fluxgate sensors with integral electronics that provide precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes.

Mag-13 Fluxgate Sensors can be used for most applications where high precision magnetic field measurements are required.


  • Range: ±60μT to ±1000μT
  • Bandwidth: >3kHz (-11dB/octave roll-off)
  • Noise: down to <4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Scaling Temperature Coefficient (nT/°C):±1 (6µV/°C) at ±1000 mT Range
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +70°C
  • Dimensions, Mag-13MS: 32 x 32 x 225mm
  • Dimensions, Mag-13MC: Ø 25 x 225mm

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Typical Applications:

  • Use as feedback sensors on active cancellation systems
  • Reference magnetometer for calibration purpose
  • Magnetic surveys of magnetic anomalies at small and large scales
  • Geophysics including time domain electromagnetic and magneto-telluric
  • Monitoring of magnetic fields during experiments

Tech Support

  • 3D Model, Mag-13 MS
  • Format: STEP


The PSU-1 contains configurable high and low pass filters for the analog signals from the Mag-03, Mag649 and Mag690 sensors.

This unit supplies dc power to any Mag-13, Mag-03, Mag649 or Mag690 sensor using the ac adapter provided or from the internal rechargeable battery. The ±12 volt supply is fully isolated and the battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation.

The SCU-1 is a 19" rack mount unit that provides low noise power and precision signal conditioning for any Mag-13, Mag-03, Mag649 or Mag690 sensor. The unit operates from a 110 or 220 Vac mains supply.

The Magmeter-2 is a portable, battery powered unit provides both power for magnetic field sensors and simple access to filtered versions of the sensor's XYZ outputs. It incorporates three displays showing the values of the magnetic field being measured by the connected sensor. Low-pass filtering (9kHz) is applied to all sensor outputs. A high-pass filter (0.1Hz) is also selectable via a front panel switch.

The Mag-03DAM is a 6 channel, 24 bit resolution analog to RS-232 digital data acquisition module for the collection of data from any two Mag-03 sensors. If used in conjunction with one sensor only, the three remaining inputs may be used to record analog signals from other sources.

Power is provided from an ac adapter. Data is transmitted to the user's computer via an optically isolated RS-232 serial interface. The unit incorporates a battery backed power supply for the sensors.

The Mag-03MC-CU is a battery powered unit which produces a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field of 50μT p-p at 190 Hz for testing the calibration of the cylindrical range of Mag-03MC sensors.

The Mag-03MC-BR is a convenient mounting clamp for the cylindrical version of the Mag-03 sensors.


The Mag-Shield is a triple-layer, mu-metal, magnetic shield cylinder with open ends for easy access. Available internal diameters are 100mm, 120mm and 140mm with length of 300mm. The 100mm ID is normally stocked.

The Degaussing Wand is a mains powered, handheld instrument that is used for removing accumulated magnetic fields from other devices. Instruments that measure magnetic fields can become magnetized themselves, thus adversely affecting their performance.

The Spectramag-6 is a fast six-channel 24-bit data acquisition system with simultaneous sampling of all channels and a USB interface to the user's PC. The unit is designed for the simultaneous collection and analysis of two Mag-03 Fluxgate Sensors or one Mag-03 and up to three channels of vibration and/or accoustic.


Mag-13 Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

Configured models commonly in stock

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Three axis sensor, square, +/-100uT, low noise version


Three axis sensor, square, +/-100uT, standard noise


Three axis sensor, square, +/-1000uT, standard noise


Mag-13 Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

Manufactured to order. Specify range when ordering, e.g. 100uT, 1000uT

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Three axis sensor, square, standard noise


Three axis sensor, square, low noise


Three axis sensor, square, very low noise


Three axis sensor, submersible, standard noise


Three axis sensor, submersible, low noise


Three axis sensor, submersible, very low noise


Three axis sensor, unpackaged, standard noise


Three axis sensor, unpackaged, low noise


Three axis sensor, unpackaged, very low noise


Mag-13 Cables

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Cable, 5m, Mag-13MC/MS to PSU1/SCU1


Cables are available in lengths to 600m – additional price/m


Mag-13 Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock
Mag-13MS Sensor Adaptor

Adaptor for mounting Mag-13MS that fits on the above raisers/spacers. (Only required when calibrating Mag-13MS sensors)

Mag-13MS Open End Mounting Jig

Special jig to enable calibration of Helmholtz coils that fit on the above raisers/spacers.


Mag-03 Three-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Three axis sensor, cylindrical, shielded, ±100µT


Three axis sensor, cylindrical, shielded, ±1000µT


Three axis sensor, cylindrical, shielded, ±1000µT


Mag-03 Cables

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Cable, 5m, Mag-03MC to Mag-03SCU/DAM/PSU


Cable, 10m, Mag-03MC to Mag-03SCU/DAM/PSU


Cable, 20m, Mag-03MC to Mag-03SCU/DAM/PSU


Mag-03 Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Mounting clamp, for Mag-03C cylindrical sensors


Spectramag-6 Magnetic Field & Vibration Survey System

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Spectramag-6 six channel spectrum analyser with cables and software




Mag-03MC adaptor for tripod


Mag-03MS adaptor for tripod


Mag-03 Leveling platform


Mag-03 Horizontal adjuster


Accelerometer, 1V/g


Accelerometer, 10V/g


Carrying case for spectramag-6, sensors, cables, and tripod


Triaxial mounting block for 393A03 accelerometer


Triaxial mounting block for 393B31accelerometer


Cable, 3m accelerometer to Spectramag


Acoustic sensor with pre-amplifier and cable


Mag-13 and Mag-03 Common Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Magnetic Shield, three layers, with closed ends. Inner dimensions 100mm ID x 250mm length.


Magnetic Shield, three layers, with closed ends. Inner dimensions 200mm ID x 400mm length.


Magnetic Shield, three layers, with open ends. Inner dimensions 100mm ID x 300mm length.


Power Supply Unit, compatible with Mag-03, Mag649, Mag690


Signal Conditioning Unit, compatible with Mag-03, Mag649, Mag690


Power Supply and Display Unit, compatible with Mag-03, Mag649, Mag690


Degaussing wand, recommended with TLMS

Calibration and Repair
For Calibration and Service, see Magnetic Field Calibration & Service.


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