Bartington Fluxgate Gradiometer, 3-axis, Digital

The range of gradiometer available include both land and submersible (200m) in a range of separation baseline (from 500mm to 1000mm). Gradient data for X, Y, and Z as well as total field are available alongside the individual sensor’s data.

The gradiometer has application in a multitude of application from signature measurement to localisation of ferromagnetic material underground, whether this is pipes or unexploded ordnances (UXO).

A power supply/multiplexing box can be provided powering 2 sensors and allowing USB output of the data.


• Baselines from 500mm to 1000mm.
• Land and submersible (200m) versions.
• Measuring range of ±70 or ±100μT.
• Integral three-axis accelerometer with ±2g range.
• Individual sensor and gradient outputs.
• Gradiometer can be connected to a computer using readily available RS485 to USB or
Ethernet converters.
• Gradient noise <20pTrms/√Hz/m at 1Hz with 500mm baseline.

Typical Applications:

• Detection of buried magnetic anomalies such as unexploded ordnance (UXO) by surface or
downhole surveys.
• Geophysical surveys for archaeology and mineral exploration.
• Pipe and cable location.


Grad-13 Digital Three-axis Gradiometer

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Three-axis gradiometer, submersible, 1000mm baseline with 5m cable tail


Three-axis gradiometer, land, 1000mm baseline with 5m cable tail


Gradiometer submersible to Grad-13-MB2 5m


Gradiometer land cable 5m


2-port power/multiplexing box for Grad-13 sensors


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