Metrolab HallinSight® 3-D-Hall Magnetic Field Camera

HallinSight® vectorial magnetic field imaging technology, a true off-the-shelf 3D-Hall Magnetic Field Camera, brought to you by Metrolab.

Making the invisible visible with the true three-axis magnetic field cameras, HallinSight® systems map dynamic magnetic fields in real time. Arrays of 32×32. 16×16, or 32×2 3-axis Hall sensors measure from several μT up to a few  T at rates of 25, 100, and 250 Hz, respectively.

HallinSight® is a technology developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits.

Unique Vectorial Measurement

The HallinSight® vectorial magnetic field imaging technology enables measuring all three axes of magnetic fields in real-time. The 3-axis Hall sensors resolve the magnetic field vector with a 4 μT r at a rate of up to 1 kHz. This Hall magnetic field camera characterizes static or dynamic magnetic fields. The HallinSight® technology flexibility makes it possible to measure magnetic fields along a line or in a plane.


  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • LabVIEW software for visualization, analysis, and recording
  • Plots: vector, surface, contour, sections
  • Point measurements: angles, min/max, gradients
  • Communication per USB with ASCII protocol

Industrial or Research Applications:

  • Static Fields
    •   Characterization of magnet and magnet assemblies
  • Dynamic Fields
    • Visualization of AC fields
    • QC of electrical motors
    • Detection of leakage motors


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HallinSight® 32×32 Pixel Array with four pre-defined measurement ranges


HallinSight® 32×32 Pixel Array with four pre-defined measurement ranges


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