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GMW Dipole Electromagnet, 3480 
 Model / Part No. Description

 Model GMW Associates - 3480 Dipole Electromagnet
  3480 C-frame Electromagnet, 45mm, Strip Wound $10,820 
  17907-0730-0_B Single pole, 16mm and 40mm face diameter, for 3470/3480 $440 
  17801500 Single pole, 20mm and 40mm face diameter, for 3470/3480 $440 
  17906420 Single pole, 5mm and 40mm face diameter, for 3470/3480 $440 
  3480-AH Axial Hole in one Pole. Specify diameter in mm. $400 
  19907-0013-0 Tapered pole sleeves $250 

 Model GMW Associates - 3480 OG Dipole Electromagnet
  3480 OG C-frame Electromagnet, 45mm, Strip Wound, Open Geometry $14,490 
  17907-0730-1 Single pole, tapered with optical slits, for 3480 OG $1,460 

 Power Supplies and Current Cable Assemblies
  DLM80-37E Power Supply, 80V, 37A, unipolar. Analog programming and readback $4,920 
  BOP36-28MG Power Supply, 36V, 28A, Bipolar, 0.02%/8hrs, IEEE-488, 1p, 230Vac, 50/60Hz. $10,750 

  TF25 B A 230/50 T1 FCR ACOM Recirculating Water Chiller, 2.2kW, 230Vac, 50Hz, 9.4 l/min @ 4.1 bar. Flow control readout. Analog control readout. $8,180 
  16907-0185-2 Cable, Current & Interlock, 3480 to 1kW BOP, 5m, 60A
  16907-0185-1 Cable, Current & Interlock, 3480 to 3kW DLM, 5m $680 
  5B PDM-3PH Power Distribution module, 3ph, 120-208 Vac, 24A $3,200 
  5B PDM-1PH Power Distribution module, 1ph, 120-208 Vac, 24A $3,200 

 Magnetic Field Measurement
  11901230 Probe Holder, aluminum, transverse
  16907-0031-0 Cable, Current and Interlock, 60A, 5m $390 
  I1A-0YA02F-J05T0K5J Single Axis Low Noise Hall Transducer, Probe Type 'A', 2m Cable, Fixed Connector, 5T, 0.5kHz, 0.1% Linearity $3,480 

 Computer Systems, Drivers and Software
 Note: LabVIEW drivers require LabVIEW for Windows.
  5972 19" 2U Rack Mount Cabinet with USB Interface NI DAQ, Power Supply for Field Transducer, Electromagnet Interlock Status, connectors on rear panel for USB connector, field transducer & interlocks.

  GMW-RC-1920 GMW 19" Rack Cabinet, 20U, with casters, slides, 830 mm depth, 1140 mm height $3,600 
  AIOC-i5 All-In-One Computer. Intel Core i5 CPU, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit English, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD±RW, Non-touch 19.5 inch LCD display. Wireless keyboard and mouse. 3 year manufactuer warranty.  $1,460 
  LVKCMPS LabVIEW Driver for BOP power supplies with IEEE-488 interface.  $0 
  776670-35 LabVIEW Full System for Windows with 1 year service. $3,900 
  778927-01 USB-GPIB Interface for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. $1,000 
  Installation Installation & Training, up to 2 days at customers site   $5,230 

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 India: Transact.
 Japan: TOYO Corporation.

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