GMW is exhibiting at the Magnetics Show in Pasadena, CA May 22-23

GMW is at the inaugural North American Magnetics Show for Supply Chain Expo & Technical Program for the Global Magnetics Industry. The show will be held in Pasadena, CA on May 22-23.

Ben Hartzell will be at Booth 803, joined by:

  • METROLAB’s Business Development Manager Antoine Daridon, PhD, for discussions of Metrolab HallinSight Magnetic Field Camera for real time magnetic field visualization in 3-axis, as well as THM1176/TFM1186 Digital USB 3-Axis Teslameters.
  • SENIS’s Product Manager Maciej Urban, for discussions of Senis all-in-one magnetic field mapping systems, the new 3MH6-E high precision Teslameter, and the new SEN-3D-CAM Magnetic Field Camera with an array of 4k x 4k (16M) 3-component magnetic field sensors.

Maciej will also be presenting on Wednesday at 3:15pm on the topic of Advancements in Magnetic Field Measurement: Introducing the SENIS 3D Mapper and Pure 3D Magnetic Camera for Precision Inspection.

GMW will be exhibiting:

Metrolab HallInSight® Magnetic Field Camera

Metrolab THM1176/TFM1186 USB Teslameter

Senis All-in-one Magnetic Field Mapper

Senis 3MH6-E High Precision Teslameter

Senis SEN-3D-CAM Magnetic Field Camera

Senis 3MH1 Handheld Teslameter