FAMAS – Magnetic Angle Sensor SENA2Dx

The SENIS® Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor (FAMAS) SENA2Dx is an integrated magnetic field sensor that allows the measurement of the rotation angle of the in-plane components of a magnetic field, such as that of a permanent magnet attached on-axis to a rotating shaft.  The co-integrated signal processing circuit represents a servo loop to track the external field which directly converts the angular position of the magnetic field to digital information. Thus, the angular position of the magnetic field, rotation direction, and angular velocity are available after less than 1 µs delay time. There are three modes of operation available – fast, balanced and high resolution – to offer optimal performance for the required application.


  • Contactless angle sensor 0–360°
  • Hall-based principle with patented direct angle-to-digital
    conversion (no angle calculation necessary)
  • Three selectable magnetic field strengths: low (20 mT),
    medium (100 mT) and high (400 mT)
  • High magnetic fields of more than 500 mT do not cause
    damage to the sensor
  • Small angle sensing volume of 100 x 100 x 10 µm3
  • 12 bit representation of angle value, i.e. resolution 0.088°
  • Fast response time, signal propagation delay < 1 µs
  • Measures the direction, angle and rotation speed of the
    magnetic field, from DC up to 400 krpm
  • On-chip offset, sensitivity and angle error correction
  • On-chip temperature compensation of offset and


  • Absolute rotary position sensor
  • Motor controlled applications
    • Robotic systems
    • DC brushless motors
    • Motor feedback/motion control
    • Rotational speed control
  • Optical encoder replacement
  • Potentiometer replacement
  • High speed machining tools


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Evaluation kit for FAMAS Sensor. Contains: Evaluation PCB;  SENM2Dx Sensor (mounted to PCB); Control Box (RasPi 3B with SPI Interface, API and GUI); Power Supply; Connecting Cable: Control Box to Evaluation PC; Connecting Cable: Control box digital/analog outputs


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