Particle Beam Diagnostics

Bergoz FCT Current Transformer

The Fast Current Transformer (FCT) is a wideband AC transformer with a rise time down to 175ps and a bandwidth up to 2GHz.

  • Bandwidth up to 1.75GHz 200-ps risetime
  • Droop down to 0.1%/μs down to 160 Hz lower cutoff freqency
  • Extra-high sensitivity up to 5 V/A
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Bergoz IPCT DC/AC Current Transducer

High sensitivity for low current. Differential and net current measurements of multiple conductors. Large internal diameter enables high voltage isolation.

  • Peak Current: ±10mA .. ±5000mA
  • Resolution: 10uA
  • Bandwidth: DC – 4.2kHz
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Bergoz ACCT

The ACCT is non-interceptive current transformer.

  • Output current range range from ±10mA to ±2A full scale.
  • Frequency response from 5Hz to 350kHz
  • DC current up to 1A does not saturate the sensor
  • Radiation hard sensors available.
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Bergoz NPCT

The New Parametric Current Transformer (NPCT) is a zero-flux DC current transformer.

  • Full scale range from ±20mA to ±20A controlled by TTL levels
  • 5 µA/sqrt(Hz) resolution in every range
  • 1 µA/sqrt(Hz) or lower resolution on option
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Bergoz CWCT

The CWCT is a current transformer with strict limits on lower and upper cut-off frequencies, tailored to the beam RF.

  • Beam repetition frequency 60~500 MHz
  • Average current with 1 µA resolution
  • Fast beam loss interlock 1 µs
  • Linearity error <1.5%
  • Beam loss resolution <1 %
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Bergoz S-BPM

The S-band / L-band Beam Position Monitor (S–BPM) is an electronics module for fast analog processing of beam pickups signals.

  • Non-interceptive beam position measurement.
  • Beam charge range > 1000.
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Bergoz ICT, Turbo-ICT, BCM

The Integrating Current Transformer (ICT) is a capacitively shorted transformer and a fast read out transformer in a common magnetic circuit designed to measure the charge in a very short pulse with high accuracy.

  • Integrates a very fast pulse with rise time in the order of picoseconds with no significant loss
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Bergoz MX-BPM / LR-BPM

The Bergoz Multiplexed Beam Position Monitor (MX-BPM) is an electronics module…

  • On-board microstrip filters that elminate the need for costly tubular filters
  • GaAs switches to provide superior button to button isolation and low insertion loss
  • On-board systhesized local oscillator
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Bergoz BLM

  • Vacuum quality around the storage ring can be measured based on BLM count rate.
  • Two PIN-photodiodes mounted face-to-face detect charges particles. Coincidence counting makes it insensitive to synchrotron radiation photons.
  • Spurious count very low: < 1 count in 10 seconds.
  • Up to 10MHz counting: dynamic range >10E8


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Bergoz VWM

The VWM is based on the wire resonant frequency dependence on its tension, itself dependent on its temperature

  • Transverse profile and position monitor
  • Fixed multi-wire sensor or moving sensor
  • For beams: Photon from infrared to keV, Electron, proton from keV to GeV and Neutrons
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