Bergoz CR-BCM

Current Measurement with sub-nanoamperes resolution of CW beams and macropulses.

Based on a prototype developed by S. Srinivasan and P.A. Duperrex at PSI, the CR-BCM is a re-entrant cavity resonator used as a beam current monitor. The CR-BCM operates at the fundamental mode of resonance, i.e. transverse magnetic mode tuned to a given harmonic of the beam repetition rate.

The fundamental mode of resonance is proportional to the beam current or to the bunch charge of single beam pulses. The re-entrant cavity resonator provides a position- and beam-size-independent response. Calibration check is possible without dismounting the cavity from the beam line.


CRCDS stands for Cavity Resonator Current Detection System.

To form a turn-key solution for low current measurement, the CR-BCM can be associated with:

CRCDS is able to measure currents down to 1 nA with a 100 pA resolution in 500Hz.


  • Beam repetition frequency from 30 MHz to 175 MHz
  • Response time  < 1 µs
  • 100 mm axial length
  • 300 mm external diameter
  • DIMENSIONS: The CR-BCM has fixed outer dimensions for any bunch repetition frequency between 30 MHz and 175 MHz:
    • Axial length: 100 mm
    • External diameter: 300 mm


  • Cavity systems are known for providing a linear response over a large dynamic range and superior sensitivity compared to commonly used current monitors.
  • The CR-BCM is optimized for applications in charged particle radiation therapy facilities, FLASH experiments, radio-isotope production facilities.

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Cavity Resonator Beam current monitor, 2nd harmonic


Cavity Resonator Beam current monitor, 2nd harmonic


Cavity Resonator Beam current monitor, 3Rd harmonic


Cavity Resonator Beam current monitor, 3Rd harmonic

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