PEM CWT AC Current Probe

The PEM AC Current Probes utilize a Rogowski Coil and Matched Analog Integrator to provide accurate non-contact, measurement of AC currents over a very broad frequency range. These flexible “clip-around” Current Probes have very low insertion impedance compared to Current Transformers, (CT), or Hall Current Transducers, are easy to insert in confined spaces and are not damaged by over-current surges. They can be used for measuring ac, pulse or transient current waveforms. Since the PEM Current Probes have no magnetic core they can be used to measure ac current on a conductor with high dc current or in the presence of a high dc magnetic field.

CWT AC Current Probe

The CWT is ideal for power electronics development work because it combines an easy to use thin, flexible, clip-around coil with an ability to accurately replicate fast switching current waveforms. The standard CWT AC Current Probe has range of 30A to 300kA, with bandwidth of 0.03Hz to 16MHz.

CWTLF AC Current Probe

Available with standard CWT Coils. The CWTLF provides an extended low frequency bandwidth. This enables the measurement of: low currents at 50/60Hz; AC currents with significantly lower phase shift error, and long pulses of current with lower values of droop than the CWT standard or mini ranges. Measurement range is from 60A to 300kA, with bandwidth from 0.0038Hz to 12MHz.


  • Peak Current ratings from 30A to 300kA
  • Robust, flexible, clip-around coils
  • Integrator included with Rogowski Coil to provide an analog signal accurately proportional to primary current in amplitude and phase
  • High voltage isolation and common mode rejection
  • Measure ac current even in the presence of a high dc current
  • Not influenced by high dc magnetic fields
  • Bandwidth from 0.1Hz to 30MHz
  • No I*t limitation as with CT
  • Both battery (4xAA) and external DC power supply
  • CE marked
  • Special cryogenic versions
  • Special long coil versions


  • Monitoring current waveforms in semiconductor switches
  • Development, test and servicing of power electronic equipment.
  • Pulsed Power capacitor discharge and magnetic accelerator current measurements
  • Welding, motor drive, generator, currents
  • Ground currents in rotating machine shafts
  • Induction heating and plasma current measurements
  • Measuring AC currents in the presence of large DC currents
  • Fault monitoring, circuit breaker interruption and lightning strike currents
  • Monitor Battery and Capacitor Ripple Current


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CWT Standard AC Current Probe

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock
CWT03 B/1/300

AC Current Probe 100mV/A,60A, 105Hz-10MHz, Alkalai battery 4xAA, 1m cable length from Coil to Integrator, 300mm Coil circumference length, 8.5mm cross section

CWT06 R/1/700

AC Current Probe 50mV/A, 120A,80Hz-16MHz, Rechargable battery 4xAA, 1m cable length from Coil to Integrator, 700mm Coil circumference length, 8.5mm cross section

CWT6 B/4/500

AC Current Probe 5mV/A, 1.2kA, 1Hz-16MHz, Alkalai battery 4xAA, 4m cable length from Coil to Integrator, 500mm Coil circumference length, 8.5mm cross section

CWT600 B/4/700

AC Current Probe 0.05mV/A, 120kA, 0.05Hz-16MHz/ Alkalai battery 4xAA/ 4m cable length from Coil to Integrator/ 700mm Coil circumference length, 8.5mm cross section

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $1,110.00
10+ $1,054.50
CWT1500 B/4/1000

AC Current Probe 0.02mV/A, 300kA, 0.03Hz-16MHz, Alkalai battery 4xAA, 4m cable length from Coil to Integrator, 1000mm Coil circumference length, 8.5mm cross section


CWTLF Low Frequency AC Current Probes

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

CWT Accessories

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Power Supply, 120VAC, 12VDC, 300mA with a 2.1/2.5mm socket. Power disconnects battery when plugged into the integrator.

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $40.00
10+ $38.00

Yokogawa compatible power cord, 0.5m, supports all PEM units fitted with a 2.1mm DC power socket.


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