Senis Magnetic Field Transducers, Three-Axis, AC

The Senis 3-Axis AC Magnetic Transducer 3DACMT-1 is a compact instrument to measure all 3 components of
alternating magnetic fields with very high resolution in a small volume.

It incorporates three groups of mutually orthogonal coils, analog integrators and amplifiers within a small cube and generates 3 high level output signals that are immune to electromagnetic disturbances. The sensing cube is completely non magnetic and therefore does not disturb the external field.

The Senis 3DACMT-1 Transducer is ideally suited to measure and map AC magnetic fields in noisy environments with field resolution better than 1.5μT

Key Features:

  • Frequency range from 10kHz to 200kHz
  • Magnetic Field Resolution <1.5μTrms
  • Small probe volume of about 3.cm³
  • Non-invasive: The probe doesn’t modify the measured magnetic field
  • Highly linear response
  • High transduction accuracy of ±1%
  • Phase Accuracy: <3° at 85kHz
  • Angular accuracy <±
  • Negligible cross-talk
  • Common center of coils for all three axis
  • Insensitive to electrical fields or capacitive coupling
  • Analog output


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3-Axis AC Magnetic Field Transducer, includes CO10-SE Cable, 1m



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Power Supply, ±12V, 90 – 264Vac, 1.8m Cable


Signal Output Cable, Bx, By, Bz, Banana Plug Termination, 1m length

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Terms and Conditions:

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